Framed Insects & Collections


Insect Collections and Framed Insects

We specialize in museum-quality insects (along with a few other choice arthropods) and have made some of them available framed. Specimens are sold in wood frames, available in natural ash wood or with a black finish. Custom hardwood frames are available to the discriminating collector, but at a higher cost. The specimens in these frames are mounted between two panes of glass which affords total protection (except from you dropping it). This allows viewing of both sides, although frames are designed to hang on the wall and show only one side. Data, such as species name and country of origin, are affixed to the back. Frame prices start at $60.00, not including the cost of the specimen (complete list of frame sizes coming soon). Mounting fees are based on the size of the frame and the number of insects mounted. The framing fee for single specimens, in small to mid-sized frames, is $15. To look for specimens on sale, please peruse our Museum.

Front View

Rear View

A Scientific Display

Custom arthropod displays are available, either scientific or decorative. Collections of insects mounted on pins can be housed in glass-faced display cases lined with plastazote pinning foam. Display cases of finished pinewood with glass covers, start at $90.00 for a 9" X 13", $100 for a 12" X 18" and $140 for an 18" X 24". These cases are 11/2" deep inside, with tight-fitting, removable lids to keep out insect pests. For dimensions or finishes beyond this, a custom display case must be constructed. Displays can be made to any specification. We can also construct custom domes, dioramas, museum setups, and window displays.

Riker Mounts

We also offer inexpensive alternatives for the budget-minded. The Riker Mount(tm) is an inexpensive yet attractive display box, made of heavyweight cardboard with a black, embossed finish. The cover has a glass window. They are available in several sizes: 21/2" X 3", 4" X 5", 5" X 6", 6" X 8" and 8" X 12". Depth is 3/4". They are normally lined with cotton but that can be removed. This is often the way bugs are presented in schools and other places of learning. If you are concerned about your budget, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

The Makings of a Riker Mount

Finished Riker Mounts

Riker Mount Display Pricing
21/2"x3" $11.00
4"x5" $12.00
5"x6" $13.00
61/2"x81/2" $15.00
8"x12" $21.00
12"x16" $28.00