God Of Insects grants you access to thousands of insects and their kin. Whether you're looking for a few butterflies for a photo-shoot, or want a custom display of giant rhinoceros beetles in one of our high-quality frames, God of Insects will fulfill. If you are just looking for information, a wealth of it is available here on our site. In addition, the pictures on view here can all be used (for a fee) as Stock Photographic Images, available in both digital and 35mm-slide format. For information about direct availability of actual specimens, read on!

We offer access to insect specimens both live and dead. You can purchase them if they are available (available specimens can be found here), however our specialty is as arthropod stylists: Bug Wranglers. Using our team of professionals and our own collection of specimens, we can provide you with whatever you might need for a photo-shoot or film. You can use the links at the top of this page to read more about these options or view a small sample of our collection in the Museum.

Kalok and Gorham find a Phasma gigas in the jungles of Papua New Guinea

Photo by Alexis Lassman

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